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Cid Highwind - Dangerous Game

Title: Dangerous Game 
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: R
Theme: #84 - Gunpowder
Characters: Cid/Vincent
Summary: He could only go to him.

The room smells of gunpowder. Gunpowder and old leather. Cid inhales it like it is the only thing keeping him alive. 

Maybe it is. 

He’s still dirty from the fight. His heart is still beating wildly, sweat still sticks to his temples. But that’s why he’s here. His hands are fisting reflexively around an absent spear. 

He left it to soak. It was covered with blood. 

Red eyes look at him. They understand. Cid’s cigarette has gone out by now, but he doesn’t care. 

The room smells of gunpowder, but the man sitting there, looking at him, smells even more powerfully. Cid moves towards him like a moth to a flame. 

He’s not thinking. He can’t. Red eyes watch him, always so wary. They don’t speak. They would be drowned by the screams in his ears. 

Something golden shines at the corner of his vision. A golden arm. Dislocated, dead, discarded. Like a corpse without blood. Cold. Cid doesn’t look at it. He’s seen enough corpses. 

Instead, a white arm, alive and warm, grabs his wrist hard enough to bruise. Cid barely feels it. He’s locked those red eyes with his, seeing the animals in them. Or maybe it’s his reflection. At this point it doesn’t matter. 

So many dead. Dead and their blood going down the drain the Venus Gospel is soaking in. 

A hand fists on his shoulder, rough and powerful. Cid tenses. The gunpowder smell is filling his senses. He fights the hold. It fights back. The red eyes never leave his. 

It’s rough. It’s dangerous. But no words could mend him better. The red eyes understand, even when they’re pushed down, pined, taken. 

Because they sometimes need the same. Drown the screams.