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jameva [userpic]
Cid Highwind - Rainy Day

Title: Rainy Day
Fandom: FFVII
Rating: G
Theme: #39 - Machinery
Characters: Cid, Vincent
Summary: Some things are just worth it. 

Cid stretched sat back and watched the acrid smoke curl towards the sky, angry grey and heavy and ready to blow on their heads any moment now. All the more reasons to get this thing done and over with as soon as possible.
The metal was cool under his back. The poor bastard, it would fit better in a scrap yard than on this blasted farm. Cid almost felt sorry to beat it up into surviving yet again. Almost. He liked birds fine enough, but not to plough fields.
Just across from him, two sturdy yellow chocobos were lazing around the pen, fluffing feathers at each other whenever they got close. Both of them working together were one hell of a ride. Damn useless chickens. Beside that same large fence was standing a red figure, cloak end writhing in the wind. He could image him staring into space, beating himself up for all those stupid, so-called sins and his eyes not hiding half of what Vincent thought he was hiding.
Suddenly growing irritated with the motionless figure of Vincent, Cid turned back to his work, chewing on his cigarette butt angrily. The gears of machinery, its rhythm and perfection and smoothness, the sharp smells of oil and fuel and metal and the sheer power and liberty engines represented, it all normally soothed his often-ruffled feathers, at least somewhat. It was harder to concentrate this time, and soon enough Cid straightened again, slamming the hood down hard enough for it to bounce right back open.
That thing was dead. And Cloud just plough the fields himself to help the ranch breed his chocobos faster. He couldn’t do fucking miracles.
Lighting himself another cigarette with sharp, angry movements, Cid saw that Vincent had moved. More precisely, he was now facing the pen, where one of the chocobos had taken interest in his cloak and was chewing on a corner contentedly and stubbornly. The man looked unsure of how to deal with the animal without resorting to violence; he’d never really had the knack with them. They felt something about Vincent, how he was different.
Cid allowed himself a good hearty laugh. Vincent looking discomfited, annoyed and uneasy all at once and trying not to let it show, just because of a chocobo that would go away with a green dangled in its face as bait, was one scene he didn’t get to enjoy often. It made him look more human, less tormented.
Cid soon took pity on the poor man –the chocobo was growing more stubborn with each failed attempt- and stomped to give him a hand. The sky broke open just then, raining curtains that near blinded him -and fucking smothered his cigarette, and how disgusting could a damn wet cigarette get…!- and sent the chocobo bolting back to shelter with a surprised wark.
At that moment, Vincent’s expression, open and annoyed and wet, made Cid’s whole crappy day and even this damn rain completely worth it.