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Ahead On Our Way
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A fic claim community based on Square Enix's Final Fantasy series, this one with a wider scope than usual.

Normal rules apply. You can claim up to two subjects, and then write 100 fics based on themes.

&: Just about anything in the Final Fantasy verse is up for grabs, including characters, 'ships, places and classes.
&: Multi-verse subjects are acceptable. For example, 'Airships' could involve stories set Figaro Castle, Ragnorak and the Invincible, and 'Black Mages' would allow you to write stories about Vivi and Lulu for the same set of 1000.
&: You can claim up to two subjects at any one time. If your subject of choice has already been claimed, you can claim a place on the waiting list.
&: Please claim your subject at the Claims post.

&: Every story must stick to and focus on the chosen subject. For example, if 'Squall Leonhart' is your subject then POV fics, character studies, Squall/Irvine, Squall/Rinoa are all acceptable, whereas Seifer/Rinoa with Squall moping in the background is not. Likewise, 'Nibelheim' as a subject must involve stories that take place primarily in Nibelheim or are about events surrounding it, not just about Cloud & Tifa, who happened to come from there.
&: Stories must be based on one of the themes. How you interpret the theme is up to you.
&: Each ficlet should be at least 200 words. Else it's just a drabble, really. :)
&: Please only post one fic per post.
&: Please use the following header to post fic:
&: Please use the G, PG, PG13, R, NC-17 rating system for posting.
&: All genres are welcome, inclusing slash, het, gen and smut. Please mark all fics correctly, so that those who don't like something can avoid it.

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